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Flood Damage Restoration Experts in Austin, TX

Elements of Restoration team is the perfect choice for flood damage restoration in Austin, Texas and Travis County. Our expert teams are available 24/7 for flood mitigation services and providing you the most productive measures in mitigating flood impacts on your property. If for some reason you couldn’t avail of these services and are damaged by the flood. Our IICRC certified technicians are the right choice for you to restore your property to its former glory.

The damage restoration process requires strong insight and analyzing techniques to take care of the basement, sewer cleaning, and garage to save your property from submerging in the water. Then comes the main area of your house and business on the ground floor. When you have suffered collateral damage from the flood, you need to provide you with the restoration and damage repair services top-rated in Austin, Texas.

What does our team do to save you from the further damage of flood?

When our team reaches the destination which is badly struck by flood, the first and most important things are listed below:

Electricity and Electrical Equipment

When there is water in the entire home, you need to be very careful with the main electric supply and electric boards inside the building. Our expert team technicians take care of the electricity and cut off the main supply to the building to prevent any accident and loos to your equipment.

Basement and Garage

The basement is the place which is badly affected by a flood. When you want to restore the property, our team takes care of the basement and an underground facility to provide safety to your facility and inventory. The garage and outside structures are also taken care of by cleaning the drains of those areas.

Water Extraction

The most important step of the restoration process starts by extracting all the water out of the building. Our team uses the state of the art technology and modern equipment to take water out of the building. Submerged pumps and industrial grade water suction pumps provide swift water extraction from your property.

Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

Rugs and carpets are the things that you need to sanitize and washed properly before placing them again at home. Without cleaning and sanitizing, you are under the constant threat of infection and germs. Our team also takes care of them, and if it is necessary, our experts advise you to buy the new sets for your home or office.

Drying and Replacing the Damaged Areas

Without drying the difficult-to-reach areas, you are under the constant threat of germs and mold build up in your property from infectious water. This process is necessary for the well-being and health of the residents and people staying in the building.

The drywall and the floor pieces are also taken special care to prevent the mold and germ build-up from the dangerous water.

Repair and Restore

All the previous steps are essential to come to this final step. Here our expert technicians repair the damaged area by utilizing state of the art techniques and modern equipment to provide the affordable repair and restoration of your building in the most satisfying ways.

We are the first choice for most people affected by floods in Austin, requiring top-rated services in Austin, Texas and Travis County. Give us a call at 512-550-0645.

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